Vitaid Ltd (United States)

Endorse Company

Incorporated in 1977, Vitaid began as a medical services company providing out-sourced allergy testing and treatment. In 1986, the corporate charter was expanded to include medical products distribution and has been Vitaid's main focus of business since. In 2002, Vitaid celebrated its 25th anniversary as a supplier to the medical community Vitaid maintains long standing, exclusive distribution agreements with leading manufacturers including The Laryngeal Mask Company (LMA), Fuji Systems of Japan (Univent Tube), Vidacare (EZ-IO), HemoCue AB, Aircraft Medical (McGrath), LiDCO, and Vygon S.A. (Boussignac).In 2011, Vitaid Canada merged with The Laryngeal Mask Company (LMA) to form LMA Vitaid. This new partnership allows LMA Vitaid to access the latest products and innovations from LMA while continuing to be a national leader in the import, marketing and distribution of premium, sophisticated medical devices.