Visionsense Corp.

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VISIONSENSE - MULTI-SPECTRAL 3DHD MIS VISUALIZATION Visionsense develops, manufactures and markets next-generation surgical visualization solutions. Visionsense is the first company to combine ground-breaking single channel high definition 3D-HD MIS visualization technology with Infrared Multi-Spectral imaging to provide unique clinical value to surgeons. The Company pioneered micro-stereoscopic camera technology, a proprietary technology approach to single channel 3D visualization that uniquely delivers the highest quality 3D images, lowest product profile, and greatest ease of use by the physician. Visionsense Multi-Spectral imaging technology allows surgeons to visualize blood flow through the skin and beneath tissues providing a key indicator of perfusion interpretatively. These benefits enable clinical and commercial improvements including greater department revenue in terms of faster procedure time and OR turnover, better patient safety and improved outcomes. Visionsense’s flagship product is its VSiii stereoscopic visualization system. The Company’s 2nd generation products include a High Definition (“HD”) 3D camera system (“3D-HD”) with a rigid scope set (4mm and up) and flexible (“Snake”) 3D camera system. Visionsense’s VSiii system can be used in minimal invasive Neuro, ENT, Arthroscopy and General surgery procedures. It has been cleared by the FDA and CE and is used clinically on a regular basis, throughout the world. Visionsense Multi-Spectral technology is fully integrated into the VSiii platform. This technology uses an injectable dye called Indocyanine Green (ICG) to enable visualization of blood flow beneath the skin and behind tissues. Immediately after injection, ICG binds to blood proteins and circulates through the body. When ICG is illuminated with special laser, it fluoresces (glows) in the Near Infrared spectrum. The Visionsense system provides a best in class excitation light source, HD camera technology, and advanced image processing to allow the surgeon to evaluate blood perfusion in real time. The integration of 3D imaging and Multi-Spectral platforms, allow both viewing of blood flow and normal tissue with blood flow superimposed on it.