VIRO-IMMUN Labor-Diagnostika GmbH

Endorse Company
Company Profile Biotest's diagnostic specialist Viro-Immun, domiciled in Oberursel close to Frankfurt, is one of the leading German producers of ELISAs, IFAs and Western Blots for the serological detection of infectious and autoimmune diseases. The product range comprises 26 ELISA parameters including a compelling TORCH panel as well as IFA and Western Blot specialties. Our proprietary production of antigens, conjugates and solutions safeguard not only independence and outstanding quality of the diagnostic reagents. The vertical integration results in a very favourable cost and pricing position too, particularly for bulk products. For this Viro-Immun can look back on more than 20 years of successful experience, a stable customer base and long-lasting client relationships. Besides a constantly superior quality level and unmatched product prices our customers regularly point out the highest degree of flexibility and individualization of diagnostic solutions to customer specifications in the marketplace.