Company Profile BIOPSY,SPECIAL NEEDLE, CATHETERS & ACCESSORIES BIOPSY Needle Range : COREX automatic disposable tru-cut biopsy needle VTEK VTEK automatic reusable biopsy device SHUTTLE semiautomatic disposable biopsy tru-cut needle AUTOCUTV VTEK compatible disposable biopsy tru-cut needle AUTOCUTP PROMAG ULTRA compatible disposable biopsy tru-cut needle EASYCUT manual disposable biopsy tru-cut needle HEPASHOT Menghini automatic liver/tryoid/lymph node biopsy needle CYTOCAN Chiba cytological biopsy needle aspiration MYELO Bone marrow aspiration biopsy needle MYELO Bone marrow aspiration biopsy needle with ergonomic handle BCUT Bone biopsy needle BLOCK Bone biopsy needle with lock technology SG-01 Syringe holder for one hand free cytology biopsy or drainage SCREEN VISION plate for surgical or biopsy specimen xray SPECIAL NEEDLES Range : DUCTAL KIT ductal contrast liquid injection SURGIMARC breast localization needle SURGIMARC X PREMIUM breast localization needle X wire one hands free RELOCK VVRxxyy breast - lung localization needle repositionable RELOCK PREMIUM breast - lung localization needle repostionable one hands free TORAPARAKIT VV01T pleural liquid and ascites aspiration kit NEOVERRES VVVAxxyy CO2 sub stomach injection before laparoscopy approach RF 1500 umbrela and trocar shape Rf ablation system VDRAIN direct puncture locking or not locking pigtail abscess drainage device ALCOJECT percutaneous ethanol liver injection needle