Victory Medical Sales Inc

Endorse Company

V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd. was founded in April 1995 by Ralph Scaglione to better serve the Pre-Owned Diagnostic Imaging Market. Mr. Scaglione has been successful in the Pre-Owned Diagnostic Imaging Systems market since 1988 first in the field of Installation and De-installation and later moving on to sales. V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd. is also an active member of I.A.M.E.R.S. (The International Association of Medical Equipment Re-Marketers and Servicers) an organization that promotes professional business ethics,With warehouse facilities in New Jersey, V.I.S. Imaging Ltd. is able to supply our customers all the necessary activities that will make a turnkey project a success including: Qualified Engineers for Installation and De-Installation, Warehouse Space for Custom Crating and Storage and Freight Forwarders to insure Proper Shipping.