VICI AG International

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Company Profile VICI AG International VICI (Valco Instruments Co. Inc. and VICI AG International) is one of the leading sources for top quality designed and manufactured components for liquid and gas handling systems, e.g. GC, HPLC, LC, SFE, SFC, and others. The Valco, Cheminert, Jour and Precision Sampling, Metronics, and Gig Harbor product lines include valves, injectors, stream/column selection valves, air and electric actuators, polymeric and metal fittings, filters, polymeric tubing (PEEK, PTFE, ETFE, FEP, PFA), either natural or plated w electroformed Nickel, metal tubing, sample loops, syringes, tools, liquid handling pumps, consumables and related products like GC detectors, columns, gas purifiers, calibration gas standards and flow control devices, and many more.