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Company Profile Vanas MEDICAL Vanas MEDICAL is a global provider of computerized distribution systems for medication and medical supplies in Healthcare facilities. Although the customer range is very wide (solutions in more than 100 hospitals in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Uruguay, UAE, Kuwait, ...). Vanas MEDICAL always customizes the software to the special needs of the customer. By using our solutions, the Healthcare facilities are improving patient safety, avoiding medication errors and having better control on the medication stock. The Unit Based Cabinets are used to increase patient safety by controlled issuing of medication and supplies. This widely accepted principlehas following strong points: Robustness: we offer steel cabinets housings and drawers which assure a long life span, together with a high resistance to wear caused by intense day-to-day use. Modularity: different levels of security are possible (unit-based, product-based, drawer based and refrigerated), as well as supplementary add-on-frames at a later time. Interface: Our potent and versatile software assures a client based solution with extremely user-friendly interface and powerful touch-screen technology which will meet your highest standards. After Sales Service: 12 technicians and 15 IT-people on standby 7/7 and 24/24.