UnstingerTM Unstinger TM can be used on anyone that has been bitten or stung, for instance: Allergy sufferers Families with babies and children When travelling Campers Hunters and anglers Nature lovers Unstinger TM is a natural part of your first aid equipment, child care, offices, cars, travels, beach bags, fishing gear, changing bags and so on. It can even be used on your dog! Place the opening of your Unstinger TM over the sting and suck the poison out. Unstinger tm can be used for insect bites/insect stings, wasp stings, bee stings, spider bites, snake bites, and scorpion bites. It is therefore a natural part of your holiday gear! Did you know… ... That 10-15 percent of the population in industrialized countries are allergic to insect bites? ... That 7 percent of all inquiries to the emergency room are people with insect bites? ... Most people, adults as well as kids, are afraid of being stung? These facts, combined with the convincing clinical trials, show that Unstinger TM removes poison immediately. If you experience redness, swelling, itching, or pain in the area, it may be an allergic reaction and you should see a physician. To avoid these, you should always keep your Unstinger TM close by.