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UNILENE We manufacture Medical Devices to improve people´s life. We are the first laboratory in Latin America in the commercialization of synthetic absorbable sutures and non - absorbable. We have experience in product development of anti-bacterial sutures. We have also specialized design in polypropylene surgical mesh, is indicated for use in treating hernias. Currently, our products are in 30 countries. Our laboratory is continously improved, so all our products have the quality that only an advanced technology can give. We fulfill the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which also led us to obtain the FDA approval and the CE 1023 to market our surgical sutures in the USA and Europe market. UNILENE has as main products: Surgical Sutures: Polyglicolic Acid, Polyglactin, Black Braided Silk, Monofiment Nylon, Polypropylene, Polydioxanone, Chromic Catgut, Plain Catgut, Polyglecaprone, Polyester, Linen, Steel, Polypropylene Mesh, Dual Mesh (PGA and PCL).