ULMA Packaging S. Coop.

Endorse Company
ULMA Packaging Globality in Solutions Offer, Services and Geographical Presence Our packaging solutions offer is Global. With seven product lines we can affirm we are the only supplier able to offer so wide range packaging solutions for the medical industry. Our Complete Solutions offer represents the highest level of automatization, being able to make integral installations, from the product automatic loading to the palletized of previously packed products. Our services offer is Global. The catalogue of services begins from an expert commercial consulting in the search of the suitable solution for each necessity and finishing with a totally professional Technical Service with original spare parts. The Technical Training is another one of the most appreciated services for those customers who have qualified personnel for the maintenance of the facilities. Our working environment is Global. We are geographically present in all over the world. With 17 own subsidiaries and one distributor network who cover more than 50 countries.