Turbo-Doc Medical Record Systems Inc

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Turbo-Doc is an electronic medical record software package designed by Lyle B. Hunt, M.D. to REDUCE the time and money you spend on PAPERWORK while improving patient care. Rapidly create neat, legible electronic medical records. Turbo-Doc provides the practitioner with the tools needed for rapid access to your patient records. Maintain problem lists, medication histories, write admission orders, prescriptions, look up drug interactions and etc. all from your computer. (See features.) Saves Time -- Turbo-Doc helps you regain control of your precious time. Don't take time to interview patients, hand write notes, dictate, proof read and then sign. Turbo-Doc assists you with the complete job. Patient records are completed and printed before your patient leaves your office. Turbo-Doc is designed to incorporate many different features along with the flexibility to create and customize your own words and phrases in the History & Physical record.