Tsunami srl

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TSUNAMI S.R.L. The company has been founded in 1997 as subcontractor delivering components and products for invasive diagnostic devices. Over the years we bought the Bloodline Trade Mark which became widely known among the biopsy and bone augmentation business. Company is selling the products worldwide with strong presence in Europe, Middle East, South America Asia and Australia. The manufacturing facility is located nearby Modena at the heart of the “biomedical valley”. Company obtained ISO 13485 certificate for design and manufacture of medical devices. Within the 1200 square meters of production space, modern machinery and clean rooms Company’s production capacity reaches 15 000 assemblies per month per one shift. All products are CE Market as medical devices. All design and productions processes are being done in Europe. In 2010 Company entered into new area: design and manufacturing of spinal implant based on MLS technology. With unique, patent pending “Bone InGrow Technology” complete range of bone fusion spinal implants is being launched on the market in 2014.The company goal is to achieve strong position in bone fusion procedures in lumbar spine. Company’s philosophy is to deliver simple, user friendly products with highest quality standards and reasonable price. Company development strategy is focus on new emerging technologies in Minimal Invasive Tissue Management and Spinal Surgery. Our most important directly manufactured products are: • TITANIUM SINTER CAGES FOR SPINE STABILIZATION AND FUSION •INNOVATIVE CERVICAL AND LUMBAR DISK PROSTHESIS • VERTEBROPLASTY SYSTEMS • KYPHOPLASTY SYSTEMS • SPECIAL BALLOON CATHETER HIGH PRESSURE • MIXING AND INJECTION SYSTEMS FOR SPINE CEMENTS • SYSTEMS FOR IMPLANTABLE TUMOR MARKING (TITANIUM SINTER CLIP) • PERCUTANEUS DISCECTOMY DRILL • SPINE CEMENTS • BIOPSY NEEDLES