Every five to ten years there is a disruption to the Enterprise IT infrastructure which generates significant business value and undermines current operating models. Some of us are old enough to remember the introduction of desktops, ERP and the Web, technologies that eventually became indispensable in our daily business lives. Now CIOs have the next great opportunity to change the game for their companies with the Cloud. In working with companies large and small who are adopting the TraceLink Business Cloud, we recognized that CIOs need to be engaged in the definition and implementation of this new strategic direction.At the heart of the transformation is the dramatic change it will have on IT spending. Gartner recently released its Worldwide IT Spending Forecast. Overall IT spending for the $3.5 Trillion industry is forecast to increase 3% in 2012. The table below also clearly demonstrates that in the current IT model, enterprise software is only 5.8% of expenditures. The software that runs the business requires significant ongoing investment in computing hardware, IT Services and Telecom infrastructure.