Tokyo Boeki Medisys Inc. Global Marketing Division

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Company Profile Philosophy As a member of Tokyo Boeki Group we aim to contribute to the societies and lives of all over the world by creating rich values as a global partner of customers around the world. 1. Create rich values to contribute to societies. By providing the highest quality medical equipment and after-sales services to customers around the world, we aim to become a company that contributes to general and medical societies. 2. We care about employees. Cherishing the respect for human dignity, we build a company that employees can grow freely and vigorously. 3. Sound management Through its sound business activities with our good corporate philosophy we expand our business globally under the fair management. Mission                   C ustomers    Always Customer first! We will tackle each one in good faith. C ourtesy Protect the business etiquette, will try to polite and humble respond. C SR Through sound business activities, we will contribute to the creation of a rich and bright society. C onfirmation Confirm always to eliminate waste and mistakes. Then proceed to the next step. C ontinuation Continuation is power. Efforts to a good thing will continue. C ommunication Will always strive to communication, will eliminate misunderstanding and distrust. C hallenge Challenge boldly to the challenges and obstacles, and then will make way by overcoming it.