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Introduction Incorporated in Malaysia since 1988 as Handsafe Products Sdn Bhd, Titi Glove Sdn Bhd has taken over the production facilities and is still known as an established manufacturer of latex examination gloves of high quality. In 2008, after taking over Handsafe Products Sdn Bhd, we Titi Glove Sdn Bhd with the vast experience in manufacturing of latex examination gloves and also with the support of raw materials from our associate company Titi Latex Sdn Bhd, has the upper advantage on the supply of Latex Concentrate. Currently, Titi Glove Sdn Bhd is operating 10 dipping lines with a monthly capacity of 60.0 million pieces of which 98% conforms to AQL 1.5 on ASTM and EN 455 standards. The rapid success and growth is not due only to the increase global demands, but more importantly, the capability of the management and the manufacturing team of years experience in producing consistently high quality products meeting ASTM and EN 455 standards. Priority is also given to timely delivery and professional services. Titi Glove Sdn Bhd will continue to commit itself towards excellence in quality which meets customers' satisfaction and requirement at all times.