Tidi Products, LLC

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Company Profile About us TIDI Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer and market leader of single-use, infection-prevention products that cover and protect patients, caregivers and equipment. TIDI is committed to supporting caregivers and preventing infections by producing innovative infection-control products for hospitals, clinics, dental offices and other environments where infection control is critical. TIDI is dedicated to helping distributors build their brands and market share by offering value-added support with private label packaging and promotional materials for products such as: exam table paper, patient capes, drapes and gowns, dental bibs, intra-oral camera covers, ultrasound probe covers, and more. We also provide highly differentiated branded products such as C-Armor® and Zero-Gravity® equipment covers, Grip-Lok® catheter securement devices, and the TIDI Tower™ Dispenser with TIDIShield® Grab ‘n Go™ Eye Shields. For more information, please call 800-521-1314 or visit http://www.tidiproducts.com.