Tianjin Walkman Biomaterial Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile About us PW Medtech Group Limited is a leading medical device company in China, focusing on fast-growing and high-margin segments of China’s medical device industry. Its current business segments include research and development, production and distribution of regenerative medical biomaterials, advanced infusion the sets and orthopedic implant products. The Group was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 8 November 2013. With the Group’s outstanding growth and profitability, as well as its excellent acquisition and integration capability, the Group was praised as “the future Medtronic in China” and “industry consolidator” in the capital market after its listing, and ranked 30th on Forbes’ “2015 China’s Listed Potential Enterprise Top 100”. PW Medtech Group Limited has been selected as a consituent of the following indexes effective 10 March 2014: • Hang Seng Composite Index ("HSCI") Series: Hang Seng Composite SmallCap Index,Hang Seng Composite Industry Index - Consumer Goods,Hang Seng Composite Index • Hang Seng Global Composite Index ("HSGCI") • Hang Seng Mainland Consumer Goods Index ("HSMCGI") • Hang Seng Broad Consumption Index ("HSBCI") Through the execution of existing development strategies, including expansion of product portfolio, emphasis on innovation and research and development, expansion of distribution network and increase of production capacity, the Group’s business achieved steady development. It also seizes the enormous market opportunities in the regenerative medical biomaterials, advanced infusion sets and orthopedic implants markets: • As for the Regenerative Medical Biomaterial Business, the Group is the among the top regenerative medical biomaterials enterprises in China, and also the largest artificial dura mater player in China. Current product portfolio includes artificial dura mater, anti-adhesion membrane for tendon and ligament, artificial spinal tissue and artificial nerve sheath. Leveraging on the Group’s leading skills and techniques in the extraction and processing of high purified collagen, the Group will continue to expand the applications of regenerative biomaterial products into new medical areas. • As for Advanced Infusion Set Business, the Group is the second largest player for advanced infusion sets in China, and enjoys the largest market share in Beijing area. The products mainly include non-PVC infusion sets, precision filter infusion sets and light resistance infusion sets. The Group is one of the first manufacturers to receive approval from China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) regarding the production of precision filter infusion sets, and also one of only a few Chinese manufacturers to receive CFDA approval for non-PVC infusion sets. It also holds patented double-layer tubing design for non-PVC infusion sets. • As for Orthopedic Implant Business, the Group is one of the only two major domestic companies with a full product portfolio of orthopedic implants covering trauma, spine, hip joint and knee joint products. The Group manages an extensive and fast-growing nationwide distribution network located across 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. Apart from continue to focus on organic growth derived from its core business segments, the Group will also leverage on the synergy effect among research and development, distribution network and business operation through its outstanding acquisition and integration strategy. The Group aims to become a comprehensive platform for high-value medical consumables in China. The Group entered into orthopedic implant business and advanced infusion set business through successive acquisition and integration of Tianjin Walkman Biomaterial Co., Ltd. (天津市威曼生物材料有限公司), Beijing Fert Technology Co., Ltd. (北京伏爾特技術有限公司), Shenzhen Bone Medical Device Co., Ltd. (深圳市博恩醫療器材有限公司) and Xuzhou Yijia Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. (徐州一佳醫療器械有限公司). The Group also completed the acquisition of Beijing Tianxinfu Medical Appliance Co., Ltd. (北京天新褔医疗器材有限公司, “Tianxinfu”) in August 2014 and successfully entered into the regenerative medical biomaterials segment, which enjoys huge growth potential and prospects. These successful examples fully represent the outstanding acquisition and integration capability of the Group. The acquisition of Tianxinfu has also been named one of the “Top 10 acquisition cases of ZOL(中关村) in 2014”.