Tianjin Hanaco Xingda Medical Co., Ltd.

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About Us Established in 2003, Tianjin Hanaco Xingda Medical Co., Ltd, a State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) approved company, specializes in manufacturing high quality medical devices for single use. the Manufacturing and Administration facilities span an area over 14,600 square meters. The company participate in all key product categories including disposable syringes, disposable infusion sets, disposal safety medicine feeders, disposable extension sets, and medical components, etc. Through technology-sharing and production linkages with the world's leading medical devices manufacturers, as well as progressive cooperation with partners in the domestic area, Tianjin Hanaco Xinda Medical Co. has consistently elevated its manufacturing capability and is now recognized as one of the leading producers of high quality medical devices in China. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by advanced automatic equipments used through the manufacturing processes, such as molding, injection, printing, assembling, packaging, sterilization and inspection. The extraordinary technicians and management team is another exceptional support. With a strong local base of operation, Tianjin Hanacao Xinda Medical Co. is now looking towards expanding its distribution network and increasing its brand value through a global strategy of progressively developing manufacturing more value-added products, providing personalized services, and opening new international markets and industries. Quality Certifications: FDA verification, and ISO 13485.