Tiani 'Spirit' GmbH

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Company Profile ABOUT US Tiani "Spirit" is a young, dynamic team that has set itself the goal of creating software, based on standards, for the healthcare sector. Tiani "Spirit" emerged from the former Tiani Medgraph AG to forge a new path in healthcare. Since 1990 we have dedicated ourselves to the challenges in the eHealth environment. Our "know how" has enabled us at Tiani "Spirit" GmbH to set new standards based on the ideas of the IHE in the healthcare IT sector. Over the last two decades there has been an increasing awareness of the fact that proprietary procedures and interfaces work for short-term solutions but incur more cost for development and maintenance in the long run. Though some manufacturers advertise highly integrated solutions or offer everything from one source, it is only a matter of time before the costs exceed the benefits. Stability can only be achieved through standards, for it is these standards that offer security for the future and protection of your investments. The necessity for standardization in the health sector grew in the 1990s with the complexity and volume of systems being used. ACR-NEMA, HL7, DICOM and IHE have all made great strides in the right direction. Thanks to the commitment of many international working groups, which standardized the communication process between different vendors, many comprehensive process descriptions are available today. Over the years these groups have documented, with increasing precision, the highly complex transactions between the individual actors. The challenge for vendors today is not only in the implementation of certain protocols (HL7, DICOM), but also in simultaneously understanding all the internal processes and connections in the healthcare system while considering the data models beneath. The "Spirit" technology sets standards in the realization of all IHE-relevant requirements. The utilization of intelligent technology allows us to realize the complex IHE guidelines. A successful implementation, beginning with the mapping of the workflow in radiology, expanding into the laboratory, cardiology, and finally to IT domains, is the basis for the extension into many other areas, such as the electronic patient health record. Tiani "Spirit" combines implementation and delivery of the IHE contents with user-friendly products that offer investment protection and innovation efficiency. The "Spirit" family takes into consideration the different domains of RAD, Cardio, LAB, IT, and PCC and incorporates them into the electronic patient health record. We at Tiani "Spirit" will be there for you to sort out the complex interplay of the individual actors in the hospital.