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Company Over 25 years of activity in the diagnostics market have contributed to Theradiag's reputation in developing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality and innovative IVD products. This experience in diagnostics, combined with the reliability of our products and the performance of our customer service, allow us to present ourselves to biologists as a partner of quality, certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. To meet your needs, we develop and offer complete product panels for diagnosing autoimmune diseases. Theradiags product offering consists of tests using a range of techniques (Elisa, immunofluorescence, xMAP technology, Luminex . In 2014 Theradiag is launching a new fully automated solution (THERALIS) with a wide range of multi-parametric assays; bringing productivity, efficiency and security in auto-immunity labs with high quality requirements To better serve our customers, as well as clinicians and patients, we have developed over the past two years a new range of theranostic diagnostics. The first CE marked products, commercialized in 2011 under the Lisa-Tracker brand, provide considerable improvement in monitoring patients treated by Biotherapies. Active in more than 30 countries, as an independent distributor, a French manufacturer, and a biotechnology company, Theradiag combines a wide range of unique skills to offer a customized response to all customers, both biologists and clinicians. Theradiag is becoming a leader in theranostics and in monitoring autoimmune diseases, which represent the third highest cause of morbidity. We also have the ambition to develop and market new biotherapy monitoring kits in other therapeutic areas, such as infectious diseases and oncology.