Thalheimer Kühlung GmbH & Co. KG

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Company Profile Company State of the art technology meets highest quality standards. We at Thalheimer Kuehlung place emphasis on modern technology and economic efficiency. Our ultimate ambition in developing and fabricating a refrigeration unit consists in using top quality material and state of the art technology and simultaneously in emphasizing the practical purpose. In addition to hygiene and easy cleaning we attach great importance to low noise levels and economic efficiency. Every Thalheimer unit is accurately installed and validated on site disregarding whether it is a small refrigerator or a complete cooling system. We excel in terms of flexibility. Concerning technologies cooling and freezing units have made enormous progress. Service and maintenance have become very convenient. Using efficient insulating material we provide for temperature stability and energy conservation. Thalheimer features all the benefits of modern refrigeration in custom-made devices. We work things out! Our experienced experts create equipment which meets highest demands regarding shape, dimensions or application area. We don't provide mass-produced items, we find answers. We place emphasis on good customer service Whereas our service exceeds delivering cooling units Thalheimer always stays in contact with its customers. Custom-made products ensure a perfect economy of space. Microprocessor temperature controllers provide security. After installation we validate every device on site. We provide accessories as well as customer-specific solutions to complete required equipment. Don't leave anything to chance and benefit from over 50 years of experience in refrigeration.