Terragene S.A.

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Company TERRAGENE is a biotechnology-based company devoted to manufacturing high complexity solutions for disinfection and sterilization. With exports to over 50 countries, TERRAGENE offers a wide range of innovative and quality biological indicators, chemical indicators and environmental friendly indicator inks, for the medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract sterilizers, food industry, and other science laboratories. All TERRAGENE products are manufactured in ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 certified facilities and meet the requirements of ISO 11138 rsp. ISO 11140 standards. Sterilization Control Division: Bionova® Biological indicators: - Self-Contained Systems - Spore Strips - Mini Discs and Mini Spore Strips - Spores Suspensions - Culture Mediums Integron®, Cintape®, Chemdye® Chemical Indicators: - Process Indicators (Strips, Stickers, and Paper Tapes) - Multi-parameter Indicators - Integrators and Emulators - Bowie-Dick Tests Chemink®Inks for Sterilization Processes. Free of lead and toxic heavy metals: - Flexography Inks - Serigraphy Inks - Additives Bionova®, Humidigene®, Chemdye® Accessories: - Dual Incubators - Fluorescence Reader - Humidity System for EO processes - Label Gun Disinfection Control Division Chemdye® Washing indicators - Cleaning performance tests Chemdye® Hygiene Monitoring Systems - Pen system for surface protein and allergen detection