Tenacore Holdings Inc

Endorse Company

Founded in 2000, Tenacore Holdings, Inc. has grown from a medical products distributor to a full-service repair, manufacturing and distribution firm – and one of the top privately held companies in Orange County, CA.As a service provider, Tenacore repairs, exchanges and offers replacement parts for SPO2 products, fetal transducers, oxygen blenders, suction regulators, modules, telemetry transmitters, bedside monitors, ECG/EKG cables, infusion pumps, flexible and rigid endoscopes, and ultrasound and TEE probes.Tenacore is a premier manufacturer of OEM-compatible SPO2 products, toco transducers, ultrasound transducers, fetal leg plate cables, ECG/EKG cables and leadwires, oxygen blenders, oxygen blender overhaul kits, VeeVo™ suction regulators, flowmeters and various parts for medical devices.