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Tekni-Plex Inc Tekni-Plex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative, high quality packaging and tubing materials for products used every day by millions of consumers around the globe. We operate 24 manufacturing sites in 8 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, we supply the leading international brands in healthcare, food and beverage, and consumer retail with the components they require to safely and reliably protect and deliver their products. At our state-of-the-art Global Technology Center in Ohio, USA, we continue to build upon our expertise to create new compounds and products to meet our customers’ needs well into the future. Natvar is a global manufacturer of custom polymer tubing for multi-national medical device organizations. Our innovative SurePath™ product line has become a staple worldwide to deliver unstable medications. Our 5 plants throughout the United States, Europe and Asia manufacture medical tubing for applications like drug delivery, dialysis, wound care and chemotherapy. Colorite Compounds is known worldwide as a leading supplier of medical polymers to the global healthcare industry, with 4 manufacturing operations across the United States, Europe and Asia. Our compounds are designed to be converted into disposable devices such as hemodialysis tubing, blood bags, endotracheal tubes and oxygen masks. Tekni-Films manufactures high barrier blister pack films, lidding foils and pouch materials primarily for the ethical and OTC pharmaceutical and medical film industries at our 3 plants across North America, Europe, and contract manufacturing in South America. As a leader in primary packaging materials, we are known for our comprehensive product line and dedication to innovation.