Technical Products Inc

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We have provided custom medical device development and a range of medical and surgical products to hospitals, clinics, medical centers and medical practitioners. Our latex-free silicone products include medical grade silicone sheeting that we provide; reinforced, non-reinforced, sterile and non-sterile, as well as radiopaque. We can also provide you with gel sheeting, as well as silicone blocks, tubing, round rods, oval rods, and incision drains.Technical Products, Inc has a unique understanding of silicone, plus the innovative thinking and sophisticated systems to help you meet your design challenges and delivery times. Our engineering team has experience working with silicone rubber and will provide design assistance to bring your product idea to reality. We follow QSR-compliant quality control procedures in our FDA-registered facilities where our capabilities include molding of parts, extruded tubing, and sheeting.