Synvasive Technology Inc

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Synvasive Technology, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes patented and proprietary instruments enhancing reconstructive Orthopaedic surgery. Synvasive recently introduced, the LIBRA Dynamic Knee Balancing System a revolutionary new instrument system for achieving optimal outcomes for primary knee replacement patients. LIBRA provides a quick and effective method for flexion gap balancing during TKR surgery by achieving dynamic balance, with the patella reduced, prior to completing A/P femoral cuts.Recently released: eLIBRA Soft Tissue Force Sensing System. This electronic sensor and display technology allows the surgeon to digitally confirm flexion gap balance and dynamically establish femoral rotation, PRIOR to committing to the A/P femoral bone cuts. For nearly twenty years, Synvasive has been a provider of some of the most advanced surgical cutting technology in the market. Synvasive is the exclusive provider of the patented large bone surgical saw blades, STABLECUT, an industry gold standard.