Synapse Electroceutical Ltd

Endorse Company
Driving clinical excellence through innovation Synapse Electroceutical is a leading UK based health technology company with over 15 years experience of developing Intellectual Property and producing medical products based on our unique electroceutical technology. Operating in the healthcare sector, Synapse has developed a globally patented electroceutical technology portfolio. Our independently verified technology has been demonstrated to manipulate gene expression, providing treatment solutions for economically and clinically burdensome conditions. Initially focused on the wound care sector with its lead product Accel Heal, Synapse is already making a positive clinical and fiscal impact in the healthcare sector. Synapse offers the potential beyond that of Accel-Heal. A potential for further significant and sustainable income streams to be derived from its development of laboratory based concepts based on gene expression, to fully ISO accredited medical devices. Its potential is further strengthened by an independently verifiable scientific platform, and supported by a business model founded on distributor and license agreements with third party companies that have significant existing market penetration and reach in the healthcare sector.