Suzhou Conrem Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

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Company Profile  Suzhou Conrem Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on advanced laboratory supplies, equipment supply, and biotechnology product design, development, agent. Has always been to meet user demand, providing total solutions for the laboratory. Conrem medical technology technical support throughout the life sciences, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, biochemical reagents, chemical analysis and detection, laboratory consumables and other fields. Suzhou Conrem Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. Relying on science and technology park of their own advantages, with many universities and research institutions thorough and extensive cooperation, long-term commitment to bring the best technology and products to China's testing, research, medical laboratory personnel. Even in 2008, Conrem biomedical technology relies on the world's leading technologies and concepts, the application of polymer modified materials technology, research and development.