Surfix - fixing surface properties At Surfix, we believe that control of surface properties is essential for advanced micro- and nanotechnologies to be successful and revolutionize our world. Surfix develops and provides innovative custom-made nanocoatings for the micro- and nanotechnology market, based on chemical surface modification.With our proprietary surface modification technology even local and selective surface modification can be realized which enables the surface modification of complex geometries such as microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip and biosensors consisting of several materials. We are a team of motivated people with extensive expertise in the field of organic, physical and biochemistry on surfaces, enabling us to span a ‘chemical bridge’ between biology and physics. As such Surfix has the ambition to operate as a market leader in advanced chemical surface modification and achieve the highest customer satisfaction. To this end we think along with our customers to provide custom-made solutions that facilitate our clients to achieve breakthrough innovations in their market.