StatLab Medical Products LLC

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StatLab Medical Products StatLab is a leading specialty supplier exclusively focused on providing histology, cytology, immunohistochemistry and other consumable supplies to more than 3,000 anatomic pathology laboratories throughout the United States. We take pride in our history of providing high quality products, delivering them on-time, and offering them at competitive prices. Our foundation is rooted in customer service excellence and we recognize that product cost is but one aspect of the total value stream. Being able to offer consistent, reliable, and error-free service minimizes the total cost of doing business with StatLab and requires prioritization of service excellence throughout the organization. Continuous improvement efforts have resulted in a 98.1% same day fill rate, a 99.8% order accuracy rate, and an average “on-hold” wait time of less than 10 seconds when calling our customer service department. These are just some of the reasons we are the fastest growing histology consumable provider in the industry. Our purpose reflects the role we think we play: To enable our customers to provide cost-effective patient care. We take pride in the fact that we help our customers help patients by providing them with (1) high-quality products (consistent, reliable, and predictable), (2) delivered on time and (3) at a fair price. 1+2+3 = “cost-effective”.