Statcorp Medical

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Statcorp Medical Statcorp, Inc. was founded in 1989, in Franklin TN. The original product was The Woods Pump®, a rapid infusion device used in the ER and trauma environment. This device was designed and engineered by an emergency room clinician who is also one of Statcorp, Inc.’s founders. To compliment that product Statcorp, Inc designed a reusable pressure infusor bag and in 1991 the Unifusor® disposable pressure infusor was introduced. In addition Statcorp, Inc. manufactures the SoftCheck® line of Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs and UltraCheck® Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs. Currently these products are sold direct or through distributors, primarily to the acute care hospital market. Statcorp, Inc. Products are also sold to the international markets in Europe, Canada, South America and Asia. The name has now been registered as Statcorp Medical - a division of Spacelabs Healthcare. Our products are used more frequently in the OR, ER, acute care, and critical care areas of larger hospitals. Our products are also used in doctor’s offices, clinics, extended care facilities, and military/emergency aid applications, all over the world. Products Unifusor® Pressure Infusor Unifusor II® Pressure Infusor Unifusor +® Pressure Infusor SoftCheck® Blood Pressure Cuffs SoftCheck® Curve Blood Pressure Cuffs UltraCheck® Blood Pressure Cuffs UltraCheck® Curve Blood Pressure Cuffs UltraCheck® ABP Cuffs