SSI Laser Engineering

Endorse Company

Laser Engineering, formerly Laser Engineering, designs, manufactures, sells and services the LEI Ultra MD™ CO2 laser system and complete line of accessories for multi-specialty use in all surgical settings and disciplines. The Ultra MD™ offers unmatched precision, power and versatility backed by support services of a company with over 20 years of surgical laser experience.Our dedicated team of product specialists, training and service professionals bring reliable top-quality laser systems and service to benefit your surgical facility.The Ultra MD™ CO2 laser system was the first laser to incorporate the "sealed tube" technology. Today, Laser Engineering continues to lead the industry in the science of sealed laser tubes. With a focus on continued technological advances, it is the most reliable laser on the market today. Customers no longer worry about having to maintain a supply of gas tanks on hand for the laser. The expense and inconvenience of storage of the gas tanks are no longer a concern.