Spes Medica s.r.l.

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Company Profile PRESENTATION Spes Medica designs, tests, manufactures, certificates and distributes a variety of electrodes for Neurodiagnostic, Electrocardiography and Electrostimulation. Spes Medica offers a tailor made service of custom packing, private labelling and contract manufacturing. Spes Medica cooperates with all the organizations that are interested in increasing their knowledge about electrodes properties. HISTORY Spes Medica was founded in the 1999 and is a privately owned company. Mr. Francesco Lisi founded MEDITEC (in Parma, Italy, in 1978), a company which was a pioneer in the production of electrodes for medicine. In 1996, the company was sold to KENDALL-TYCO and continued its production in Germany and Italy. After 3 years, Mr. Lisi and some key people from Meditec, including the QA, Accounting and Sales Manager, left the company to start a new venture continuing the production of medical accessories. In 1999, Spes Medica srl was founded in Genoa, Italy. MISSION Spes Medica's mission is to produce and create products offering the highest quality to our customers. Each new product manufactured by us is the result of thirty years of experience, continuous investment, research and innovation. Our philosophy is to produce superior accessories with new materials and new technologies. Originality in new design and exclusivity are part of our mission. BUSINESS STRUCTURE The production is located in Battipaglia in a 1600sqm owned building. In addition to our machinery used in the production and assembling of our products, we have a clean room where we manufacture sterile products. Moulds, injection moulding machines and an efficient workshop are the heart of our production. We produce all our accessories in Italy, none of our products is manufactured outside our plant to increase our profit due to the poor countries cheap labor. The R&D Lab is located in Genova and is managed by a team of biomedical engineers where all new products are developed and tested before being sent to the production plant in Battipaglia for production. In addition to our “Task Force”, we closely work with hospitals, university research centres and private structures labs. TAILOR MADE SERVICE Spes Medica provides you with a wide range of products that are tailor made for your needs. We can design, manufacture and pack any electrode tailored to your exact specifications. This service is suitable all kind of organizations, i.e.: Distributors, Manufacturers, Hospitals and Universities. Our R&D team has been designing, developing and manufacturing our customers' electrodes since 1982. Your products will be totally produced in our plant in Italy and, as an ISO13485 certified company, we can grant you the highest quality service. Our service is unique and unbeatable both in range and quality. With Spes Medica your company will experience top quality products matching to your requirments. Most importantly, your company will see a rise in customer's satisfaction and in term of revenue. Product design Prototyping Industrialization and manufacturing steps Testing Packing Certification and Registration Please visit www.spesmedica.com for additional information.