About us Sparton is a 116 year old contract manufacturer of low-medium volume, highly complex electromechanical devices. We manufacture and design products for the demanding and extremely regulated medical market. We have FDA registered facilities that can administer the full product life-cycle for our customer – from an idea, to design and prototyping, to full manufacturing, as well as testing and after-market services. Our Sparton Production System is our overall management philosophy to ensure that our customers’ projects are done correctly the first time. With over 350 customers, Sparton offers a wide range of services including Board-level Assembly, Sub-Assembly work, Full Assembly work, Product Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Software Design, Industrial Design, Sustaining Engineering, Repair, Refurbishment, Logistics, Cable and Wire Harness Assembly, Validation and Verification, as well as Clinical Builds. Sparton has 10 manufacturing plants and 5 design centers throughout the US and Vietnam, which allow them to cater to customers all over the world. Each facility has something to offer to Sparton; whether it be the ability to manufacture Class 3 medical devices, provide wet testing services, or to satisfy the medical industry’s strict standards – Sparton is capable of taking on its customers’ challenges. Some of the largest markets of Sparton works with include instrumentation, therapeutic and diagnostic work. Applications include: in vitro diagnostics, ophthalmological devices, surgical ablation devices, advanced wound care, medical instrumentation, cancer diagnostics and point-of-care diagnostics to name a few. We work with start-ups to large, established companies and they choose us because our customer relationships are what set us apart from other contract manufactures. Sparton is a leading expert in the contact manufacturing field – able to help you conquer any complex need. For more information, please visit www.sparton.com.