Sol-Millennium Medical Products Company, Ltd.

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About us Sol-Millennium is a global leader in syringe mould manufacturing and Safety Medical Device Developing field - In more ways than one: We are the largest and earliest syringe mould manufacturer in China. As a proven leader in the industry, We supply over 60% of all syringe moulds used by syringe manufacturer in China, and our moulds have been exported to many countries over the world, such as U.S.A, EU and India. Combine 20 years experience in syringe mould manufacturing field, the research group of SOLM has been specially focused on developing safety syringe to reduce the syringe reuse and needle stick injuries in last 8 years. SOLM safety syringe product range now includes Needle Retractable Syringe, Auto-Disable syringe and Slow Automatic Retractable syringe. We have gained a reputation among our customers for our fast delivery, advanced designs, High quality and unmatched customer service and technique support. In the past 20 years, we are always passionately focused on driving our customer success. Building a healthier tomorrow SOLM Medical Device Group: Clean Care is Safer Care SOLM Medical Device Group works for the development of safety medical devices to eliminate unnecessary suffering and death from unsafe injections. SOLM Plastic Mould Group: Continuing to meet customer’s expectations SOLM Plastic Mould Group supplies superior mould quality and most professional service to the medical device manufacturing industry.