Sierra Scientific Instruments Inc

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Sierra Scientific Instruments became part of Given Imaging in April, 2010, having been founded with a goal to bring high-resolution pressure imaging to the medical community for the diagnosis of motility disorders within the GI tract. The scientist- and engineer-founders, including Drs. Ray Clouse in clinical application; Sergiy Kanilo in image processing software; and Jae Son, Bill Peine, and Tom Parks in sensor systems, instrumentation, and product development, launched the company using Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants to develop the ManoScan 360™ system. The system received FDA clearance in 2003.The ManoScan 360™ system offers an unprecedented view of physiology within the GI tract with significant improvements in simplicity of use and diagnostic accuracy compared to traditional manometry. In 2004 the company received additional NIH funding for development of the next-generation technology, High-Definition Manometry, which resolves both circumferential and axial manometric distributions. This system provides detailed 3-D pressure images and videos of the organ under study, offering new insights into the physiology and pathophysiology of the upper and lower esophageal sphincter regions and the anorectum.In addition to producing and installing hundreds of ManoScan™ systems world-wide supporting tens of thousands of clinical procedures, Sierra also has developed new products relating to diagnostic supplies and pH and impedance-based reflux monitoring systems. SSI also introduced innovations such as disposable sanitary catheter sheaths, high-resolution anorectal manometry systems, wireless reflux monitoring systems, reflux contour visualization programs, and a variety of other products and supplies.