Empowering Personalized Cancer Care

Look closer. See further.

Cancer Care is our term for advanced technologies that help you look closer and see further along the entire continuum of care. Our portfolio empowers you to realize the full potential of your capabilities - enabling you to achieve better patient outcomes.

Cancer types
One disease - multiple variations: there are more than 200 different types of cancer. Find out more about breast and prostate cancer care.  

Laboratory Diagnostics in Oncology
A wide range of oncology assays to help clinicians fight the most threatening diseases
Imaging in Oncology
Excellent imaging is essential for screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow up of cancer.

Virtual MR/Ultrasound Guidance for TRUS Assisted Prostate Biopsy
Find out more about our fully integrated solution1 for all aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis.

Clinical Reference Centers Oncology
Siemens Healthcare establishes strategic partnerships with renowned international institutions in oncological care.

Radiation Therapy
Siemens’ innovative imaging solutions support you in planning, delivering and monitoring highly precise radiotherapy treatment.


Interventional Oncology