As the worlds’ population grows and gets older, more and more people thrive to reach their full potential and to lead a healthy, high-quality life far into old age. At Siemens, we play a unique role, supporting healthcare professionals to do their job by providing medical technologies that help deliver a better quality of healthcare and enable ever-improving degrees of individual care through advanced imaging, diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare IT solutions. We provide innovative technology to customize medicine, enabling better differentiated diagnostic results and more distinct therapy decisions.

With around 51,000 employees worldwide and our presence throughout the world, revenue worth 13.6 billion euros, and profits of approximately 1.8 billion euros in fiscal 2012, Siemens Healthcare helps ensure the next generation of breakthroughs become a reality.

Our commitment to advancing human health, however, goes beyond delivering the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to our customers. We support their success through close collaboration and mutual partnerships. Together, we innovate to advance human health.