Shenzhen PROBE Science & Technology Co., ltd.

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Company Profile About us Shenzhen Probemedical limited company was set up in2006. The Probe grope established in Shenzhen was an enterprise engrossed in the medical industry.The researching headquarter is in Baiying Medical Machinery Park in Shekou Shenzhen. It mainly researched in the anesthesia machine, ventilator, and the caring machine as well as other alarming equipments. On the point of researching, we have established our own researching center and researching laboratory, which had 100 high-leveled engineers. The researching laboratory was established by the foreign enterprises and us, which have trained many international engineers and provided the solid quality certification for the export of our products. Soon after its establishment, the Probe Company has become the plate of operation and after-sale service for the probe products. With the establishment of the sector department in Beijing, Guangzhou, Dongwan, the company has already established the product service network and selling network with Shenzhen as its center and many sector departments in many parts of china. Probe Company, with its own wisdom and innovation, the spirit of going all out in work and longing for perfection, created its own beauty and accomplished the probe technology one after another and created the service system in providing the all-round way service for its products. When we created the economic, environmental, and social profit, we have already influenced not only the heart of every Probe member but of every customer with its own wide spiritual culture. In the future, we have enough reasons to assure resolutely that when we are trying to take control of the market and the needs of the customers we shall unceasingly advance our own researching and management level. We are resolved to establish a world-class high technology enterprise with the combination of researching, producing, selling, and the after-sale service. Also we shall actively take part in the global medical machinery industry in the area of the high-technology.