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SheerVision, Inc. SheerVision designs, develops and manufactures loupe & headlight systems that enhance vision - through exceptional visual acuity and powerful illumination. SheerVision’s optics (2.5x-5.0x) offer exceptional visual quality coupled with affordability. SheerVision is also the exclusive provider of Under Armour® Performance Eyewear Loupes. SheerVision’s V-RAY portable LED headlight projects 97,200 lux / 9,000+/ ft/cndls candles of light to outperform most loupe-mounted headlights. With a choice of loupe or headband mount - including a new cordless headband model - SheerVision's portable LED lights are the most flexible available today. Their new loupe-mounted, hands-free HD video camera allows you to “Shoot. Store. Share.” with state-of-the-art technology. Downloads: SheerVision USA Loupes & Headlights Brochure SheerVision Brochure 07-24-2014A.pdf