Shandong Branden Medical Device Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile Shandong Branden Medical Device Co., Ltd. Branden is a professional medical device supplier, who also handles its own R&D, production and marketing services. It has three subsidiaries: Shandong Branden Med. device Co., Ltd which is a Sino-US joint venture; Beijing Branden Technology Co., Ltd; Shanghai Branden Bio&Pharm Tech Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1996, registered in Zhongguancun, Haidian District in Beijing. Over a decade, the company experienced a rapid growth period. Technology: The Sino-Us joint Shandong Branden Med. Device Co.,Ltd holds advanced technology in medical polymer material production, especially in silicone production and research field. Currently we are focusing on medical plasma technology, hence our engineers have enlarged our range of products with a plasma sterilizer and a plasma electrotome system. Intech Medical Technology(company name)which was founded in 1996 specialized in the interventional therapy technologies, especially in coronary drug-eluting stent field. In this particular field Branden key techniques like drug coating, coating spreading techniques, as well as brand new highly effecient drugs. This has been reported to the official institutions in order to obtain PCT patents. By now our products are carrying on the administrative examination.