SG Meditech Pte Ltd

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SG Meditech Company Profile SG Meditech develops sustainable solutions to revolutionise the cord blood collection process. The first product is Canulex, a proprietary Placenta Cord Blood Collection (PCBC) medical device which optimizes the cord blood collection window. The Canulex needle is optimized for the shallow and precise puncture of umbilical veins, thus reducing the likelihood of puncturing through the umbilical cord leading to spilled blood and blood splatter to the operator. Furthermore, the retractable needle design enables the needle to be securely stowed after puncture, thus reducing the risk of needle-stick injury to both operator and patient. Canulex extends the viable collection window allowing more blood to be collected, even during the third stage of labour, without hindering any assisted placental delivery procedures. These functionalities therefore improve on conventional umbilical cord blood collection kits, enabling potentially more cord blood to be collected during the process.