Servoprax GmbH

Endorse Company

Since its foundation in 1978 servoprax® GmbH has grown into one of the highest-turnover wholesalers of medical products in Europe. Our customers are medical-technical wholesalers, specialist dealers, health-care shops, orthopædic and rehabilitation technicians worldwide. Almost all products are immediately available within our warehouse capacity of over 10,000 m2. The new high-shelving warehouse facility was completed in 2000 in order to supply our customers even better. Since 1997 we have been using a Quality Assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 by MED/CERT GmbH.

Particularly for our own brands which we distribute as a manufacturer world-wide: Servotest®, Cleartest®, LIFEtouch®, servoprax soft-hand®, mediware®, Lifeguard Emergency Products®, Health Guard®, LifeBox®, resQbreezer®, Pocket Breezer®. This system is tested and confirmed by regular audits. Additionally, random checks of incoming goods for quality and condition are carried out by trained employees. Batch-labelling and detailed instruction manuals help to make back-tracing of all products simple. Through their various abilities, more than 100 employees are there to support you with good warehouse management, competitive pricing and the latest products. Our Managing Directors Mr. Michael Benninghoff and Mr. Mölders are at all times available to listen to your particular wishes, criticisms and suggestions for improvement.