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Serrano Medical Solutions Inc. Serrano Medical Solutions is introducing SafeCrush™ Pill Crusher at MEDICA 2015. SafeCrush is the only pill crusher in the World that solves all the inherent pill crushing issues for employers, nurses and patients. SafeCrush provides much needed safety and efficiency in today's workplace. CLOGGED FEEDING TUBES, “SPIT-OUTS”, INACCURATE DOSE LEVELS Unlike all other pill crushers, SafeCrush consistently crushes meds into the finest powder; reducing “spit-outs” and inaccurate dose levels. Clogged feeding tubes from large chunks of meds are very time-consuming for nurses and may endanger patient with inaccurate dose levels. NOISE LEVELS Pill crushing devices today are very loud. This constant incessant banging deeply disturbs patients and is irritating to nurses. SafeCrush is the quietest pill crusher in the marketplace. ELIMINATION OF PILL CRUSHING STEPS Manual pill crushers have great difficulty crushing meds fine enough and the system tends to “pancake” the meds. Manual pill crushers are tedious, repetitive, dangerous work. Step 1 - place pills in pouch Step 2 - place and hold pills in crushing space Step 3 - hold pills and repetitively press lever up and down Step 4 - hold pouch, away from body, “flick” all the meds stuck to inside of pouch Step 5 - pour meds into serving cup (double-pouring) Step 6 - mix crushed meds in serving cup and feed patient ***SafeCrush eliminates Step 2, 3, 4 and 5 MED PASSES SPEEDIER WITH SAFECRUSH SafeCrush eliminates most all the steps of manual pill crushers and SafeCrush is speedier because nurses can do other things while SafeCrush is crushing the meds for them (i.e. taking notes, getting ready for next patient, wheeling the med cart down the hall, speaking with patients etc.). INSURANCE COSTS AND COSTS TO SOCIETY OHSAH, NURSE AND PATIENT SAFETY, WORKSAFE The original designs and patents attached to SafeCrush date back to OHSAH; a quasi-British Columbia (BC), Canada government body mandated to protect healthcare workers in BC. OHSAH saw pill crushing as such a dangerous issue that they hired engineers to develop an electric pill crusher. In today’s day and age, quite frankly, it is crazy that nurses are crushing pills manually; setting themselves up for injury (Repetitive Strain Injury) and illness (inhaling airborne pill dust). At any given time the British Columbia Nurses Union has nurses on longterm disability from crushing pills. These nurses cannot return to work because they cannot crush pills manually. One nurse on longterm disability costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance claims. WorkSafe is now promoting electric pill crushers because they are very aware of the insurance costs and cost to society by losing nurses to manual pill crushing. Downloads: SafeCrushBrochure- FrenchEU10.25.2015.pdf SafeCrushBrochure-English10.27.15.pdf