Endorse Company

The enterprise and hospital wide solution is highly scalable and has the power to support virtually an unlimited number of sensors and locations. Since 2005, we have dedicated ourselves to providing consistent product enhancements, innovation and product improvements that meet the changing needs of the healthcare environment, making SensoScientific the most advanced and practical wireless system available in the market. SensoScientific is specifically designed to meet strict regulatory compliance for hospitals, life science and other applications.Our clients use the SensoScientific system throughout the entire medical facility, whether onsite or in remote satellite buildings, including the pharmacy, laboratory, blood bank and dietary department. The system can be deployed in any room, refrigerator, freezer, incubator, blanket warmer or any other type of temperature sensitive equipment. We design, engineer and manufacture our own transmitters and firmware. This helps ensure seamless system functionality with zero dependency on third party manufacturers. Furthermore, savings are directly passed on to you--making us most cost effective solution.