Seitz Technical Products Inc

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Seitz Technical Products, Inc. was founded 25 years ago by John R. Seitz. John Seitz was an electrical engineer by trade. His first endeavors were in optical and mechanical products for the motion picture industry. He helped invent the sky cam, which now operates to televise film and sports events. The interest in optical design led him to pursue other avenues after the discovery of endoscopic surgery.Starting in 1990, he designed the SmartKart medical cart. Subsequent improvements led to developing carts used in endoscopic surgery, urology surgery, vein harvesting, airway ventilation and a small cart for operating rooms. The addition of accessories for these carts followed. These products are listed on our products page at this web site.Manufacturing and ControlOur manufacturing process is positioned for quality, fast delivery and efficiency within our plant infra-structure. Our staff members experience is second to none and we are continually searching for ways to improve. Seitz is compliant with Iso-9000 and FDA-GMP techniques.