Seisa Group

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SEISA MEDICAL is a division of SEISA GROUP The SEISA Group is an international leader in providing high-quality customized outsourcing solutions in highly regulated industries. With over 25 years of corporate history and operations in North-America, the European Union and in Asia, we have earned our solid reputation through client-driven and customized service. We pride ourselves of our refined processes that consistently deliver high quality. The SEISA Group specializes primarily in the following outsourcing areas: SEISA Medical - Servicing the North American Medical Industry from the Mexican Border SEISA Europe S.R.O. - Servicing the European Medical Industry from the Slovak Republic Specializing in: - Contract Assembly - Turn-Key Contract Manufacturing - Non-Recurring Engineering - Market Entry Support Services - Plastic Injection Molding S-Data Solutions is headquartered at the US/Mexican border in El Paso, TX and Juárez, Mexico. We primarily service the North-American market utilizing on-shore labor in the US, near-shore labor in Mexico and off-shore labor in India, Bangladesh and China.