Secant Medical, Inc.

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Secant Medical, Inc. Secant Medical provides implantable biomedical textile structures and advanced biomaterials to the medical device industry. We partner with clients to design, develop, and manufacture high-performance structures for applications in cardiovascular, neurovascular, orthopedic and general surgery. Our services are designed to streamline our client’s product development path, from initial concept to design transfer and beyond. Our partnership with you is built on quality, responsiveness, communication and continuous improvement. We produce implantable solutions from a diverse range of biomaterials, including polyesters, polyethlenes, polylactides, PEEK, and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene; metals such as nitinol, titanium, and platinum; resorbables materials; and biologic materials. These solutions are engineered using forming technologies (extrusion, weaving, knitting, and braiding) and can be shaped into fiber, films, unique planar, tubular or complex geometries with specific functional and performance characteristics. They mimic the body’s native structures and can be engineered to accommodate rapid integration within the body, shape memory, high-burst strength, porosity, resorbability, elasticity, compaction or low-profile properties to promote healing while withstanding the internal stresses in the body. We can make components in controlled environments capable of achieving air cleanliness to ISO 14644 Class 8 clean rooms. Our facility is ISO 13485:2003 certified. Built on a 70-year history, we committed to the future of biomaterials and their role in the healing process and are actively engaged in research partnerships to advance next-generation biomaterial development.