Screentec Oy

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Supplier of User interfaces and Medical Electrodes We at Screentec base our manufacturing services on long experience in printing and electronics integration. With our expansive know how we offer customer specific user interfaces medical electrodes and stimulation pads. We offer development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing services and we target long term cooperation from idea to manufacturing and support. > Solution developer Screentec was founded in Oulu, one of the leading European high-tech centres, in 1989. Our innovative operating environment and strong partnerships encourage us to continuously develop our products and services. Extensive domestic network allows us to develop new tailored products from idea to solutions. > Tailored production Screentec tailors both design and production to meet the customer's requirements. The production batches can vary from tens to tens of thousands of units. All products are delivered tested and packed to meet the customer specifications. > Product groups - User Interfaces - Medical Electrodes, stimulation pads, iontophoresis pads - Micro fluidics components - Electrochemical sensors - Printed custom components e.g. leads wires, connectors, special sensors