Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH

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Company Profile Your Brushes are our passion SchellenbergerBrushesare highly specialized in manufacturing tailor-made brushes in twisted-in wire versions. Each year we design several hundred new articles in close cooperation with our customers. Depending on volume and specifications, they are either produced as single units or in a fully automated production process. The capacity of our production facilities allows brushes of varying individual diameter to be manufactured, ranging from 500 mm to only 0.7 mm for micro-brushes. Our brushes are employed in almost every field of industry, for Boiler brushes Weapon-cleaning brushes Burr Clean brushes End brushes Dental hygiene brushes endoscopy cleaning brushes Cytology brushes voice-implant cleaning brushes trachael cannulae cleaning brushes test tube brushes Specific applicators and brushes for the automotive industries complements the Schellenberger assortment. They are used for screw-caps for tins and on cases of dental products as well as for gluing glass panes in the car-manufacturing industry. We have been producing brushes for over a hundred years. Both our state-of-the-art production facilities and our expertise make us a powerful and innovative business partner. If you require articles of other measurements and specifications, please contact us. We can manufacture according to your specific requirements. Downloads: Flyer of Schellenberger Brushes Flyer